Recurrence Breast Cancer

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Hi all ..More news re my posting on 12/16..
I have now found out I have mets on my 8th posterior rib it is nearly eaten away! also two small nodules on the lung one is stable but the other is new raising the possibility of plumonary mets...this report from the CT scan,,Bone scan reported also the 8th P rib but there is a ? over the L2 lumber spine...gees what more ?The CT report now says that the nodes on the reconstructed breast have been on prior studies but they werent reported ! good one..the 8th P rib was also on prior studies but also not reported ..makes me think who stuffed up??? so if they had been reported earlier things might have been heaps better ah? but no point in going on about the might beens etc..
What to do now? Have been put onto Arimidex and I am in amazement with it ..been on it for nearly three weeks and I notice the cancer on my breast (just under the skin)doesnt look angry now woohoo..actually it looks like it is going! Also no side effects as yet.. :)
so now I wait to see what the Breast Surgeon says ..have to wait till the 29Jan so hard to wait etc..
Just thought I would update you all..
Please keep those prayers comming..
Hugs and god Bless


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    Sorry for all of your scary news... But I know that everyone here on the board will keep you in their prayers and good wishes. You seem to be handling this well... but I am sure that the wait must be driving you nuts. I always found that having a pathforward to fight the beast gave me courage and made me feel like I had some control. Hope you will be able to find a treatment plan that works well for you...

    Take Care... God Bless...

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    I just go crazy when I hear more stories of incompetent medical personnel. I am so sorry that you had to bear the brunt of such negligence. Please know my thoughts are with you and I am pulling for you in a big way!


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    Please hang in there. Hope all goes better for you real soon. Hope the doctor gives you bright news! God bless you.