Surgeon recommends 2nd opinion

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I have been going through breast reconstruction for almost 2 years now. Had dorsi flap in 2005 on rt side and prophylactic mastectomy on left. Right side had major pseudomonas infection and expander had to be removed. Had other surgeries, nipples, etc but surgeon didn't want to put implant on side that whad been infected. I was pretty sick with it with lung complications, etc and couple of weeks of IV antibiotics.
Today on routine follow up appt at the start of the appt, on his own he said he wanted me to see another doctor. As he explained it, he wants me to have a home run and he doesn't think he can get me past third base. Because no implant on right I have a noticeable difference in breast/mound sizes. Based on the infection he doesn't want to touch the right side. he mentioned he's had couple of similar cases and the only common factor is each of had high dose radiation on the side that got infected.
My question: Has anyone heard about high dose radiation making you more prone to major infection during reconstruction?
Options he said to discuss with other doc includes silicone implants (if doc willing to touch right side) ; or dorsi flap on left; or start all over again with bilateral free flaps.
I appreciate his honesty but need to know if any of you have had simlar experience with infections, etc.


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    I really don't know what to say - just offer some support. I went the lumpectomy route with radiation. I have to applaud this doctor's honesty. That is refreshing.

    Best of luck.


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    Yes get the second opinion,
    But I believe infections are truly due to weak immune systems. As it is turning out it appears infections like staph are common in/on our own bodies. Usually Chemo is the condributing factor to infections that rise up but it is true radiation can weaken the immunse system further.
    I will only hope you find the help you so deserve.
    Be good to yourself always,
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    My plastic surgeon told me that radiated tissue does not heal well so he removed my skin that had been radiated when he did my TRAMM flap reconstruction. I healed very well and did not have any infections. He also told me that implants are not a good idea if you had radiation or are planning radiation for the reason that the radiated skin does not heal well. I sure this is just his opinion and others may have had different experiences.

    Best of luck in your decision.