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My T3 T4 levels are all normal. However my thyroglobulin levels are 1554. I have thyroiditis therefore my doctor is not concerned with those other high levels. Should I be concerned and have her check further? Is it possible I could have thyroid cancer? I am a 32 female and have been on levothyoxine for 2 years. I feel a lump in my throat which prilosac does nothing for. I have nausea and headaches and swollen glands. Does anyone think I should worry I may have thyroid cancer? What are the symptoms? I am so sick lately. All my other CBC and blood levels all normal. Just this thyroglobulin levels high 1554.
If anyone has any advice or information for me. Please share.
Thank you so much for being an ear.


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    I wouldn't be concerned with your thyroglobulin level, as the only time this is really used as a 'cancer marker' is once we've had thyroidectomy, usually followed by completed radioactive iodine treatments.

    Perhaps this will help a bit:
    "The thyroid is the only source of thyroglobulin, which is readily detectable in the serum of normal patients and is usually elevated in patients with nontoxic or toxic goiter. The principal use of serum thyroglobulin measurement is in evaluating patients after near-total or total thyroidectomy (with or without 131I ablation) for differentiated thyroid cancer."

    With thyroiditis, it would be absolutely normal for your thyroid to expel higher amounts of thyroglobulin - even palpitation of the neck can cause thyroglobulin levels to increase, as do fine needle biopsies, etc.

    But by all means, if you feel a lump that seems to persist once the thyroiditis is resolved, ask your doctor whether a thyroid ultrasound might be of value.

    Please don't worry about this being thyroid cancer, though - in excess of 90% of nodules/lumps found in the thyroid area are benign. Most of us diagnosed with thyca had little or no symptoms whatsoever to indicate we had cancer - the lumps are often found without us even knowing they were there, so it is more likely that the nausea, headaches, and swollen glands, possibly a virus or bacteria, are the cause of the way you are feeling.

    Don't worrry about that thyroglobulin level at all - it would only be a 'marker' if you no longer had a thyroid gland. Hope this helps, and I hope you feel better soon.