Donating Masectomy Bras & Prothesis

jamilou Member Posts: 200
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Does anyone know where I can donate masectomy bras, prothesis and wigs. All are either new or like new. My husbands Aunt recently passed away and I would hate to throw away these items when there might be someone who can't afford them and could use them. Thanks for your help.


  • Susan956
    Susan956 Member Posts: 510
    I would call your local American Cancer Society office. If they won't take it you might offer it to a local Oncology Doctor's office.
  • kathydaly
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    What a nice thought.
    They do give everyone new and free ones when you leave the hospital here, maybe that's not true everywhere? But, Susan's right, the local ACS would be your best bet.

    I, in my haste, to never look at them again did just throw them out,yikes, lol.