Anyone had intrathecal chemo done?

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My 50 year old non-smoker husband was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC (Adeno) in August, 2004. He went through 8 months of combined chemo--then responded great to Tarceva. He was back to work full time for over a year. In September, he starting having a little nausea/vomiting. Now he has a neuropathy-type syndrome and terrible nausea. The MD's think the cancer is in his spinal fluid (even though no malignant cells have been found). They want to do intrathecal chemo. Has anyone had this and had good results? Everything I know about it sounds terrible and will prolong life without a good quality of life for about 3 extra months. Anyone's experience with this would be helpful. Thanks.


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    Hi-- I just read about it, because I didn't know what it was. My Mom also has Stage IV adenocarcinoma (diagnosed in 12/05), but has received her chemo via a chest port.

    Although I don't have any advice, I wanted to post to say hello and offer support. I hope you will find friends and help on this board.