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I was diagonosed with ov c111 Jan 2005. I had IP chemo for 6 treatments. The end of Sept 2006 they found something on my ct scan above the liver dome. My ca125 was normal at 12. In fact in July it was up to 18 due to an enffected tooth. Went down to 13 by Sept. and in Oct down to 12. A pet scan showed tumors in the chest wall. I understand it is rare to have the oc spread into the chest wall. I started a new study, phase 11, using carboplatin and topopecan last Friday. So far the nausia has been very very mild. and I feel pretty good. I am hoping for good results from this round of chemo. I understand one just goes into remission when this stuff returns and never goes away. Has anyone gone into complete remission after a second round of treatment.


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    My, you have been through so much. My heart goes out to you. I cannot completely relate, but I completed chemo in July for a recurrance from 2000. So, we're not quite sure if I'm in remission yet. In fact, my CA125 had been 10 since July, then went down to 9 in November, but went to 12 in December. I'm holding my breath till next weeks CA125, hoping to see it go down. Time will tell.
    I'm sure you'll get more feedback from other ladies here. We all would like to continue to hear from you - keep us informed, and we'll continue to be here for you - hugs and prayers and an ear and all.
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    Collins...I can't personally tell you I have,but I do know there are some of those miracles out there...good luck and keep the faith...smiles and (((hugz)))..Floridajo
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    Collins, so sorry you are having to deal with this again. I am one of the people who deal with Ovca ongoing. But I do know woman who have gone into remission after recurring. One just never knows. Good luck with your next line of treatment. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie