health insurance after cancer?

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I am 27 and was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) two years ago. The mole on my arm was removed and I've been clean since. However, I have changed jobs and am now I am without health insurance. To my dismay, I cannot qualify for an individal health plan due to my history (I've been denied by Blue Cross and Aetna). Apparently, cancer is "no deal" to the insurance agencies. But, I don't see why my history should have anything to do with being able to see a doctor for a sore throat or cough! I would be perfectly happy to get limited insurance with a skin condition waiver so they don't have to worry about my history. But, no! They won't even do that. Does anyone have some advice about how to obtain health insurance with a "bad mark" on your medical history?


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    Sorry that you are having problems with insurance but glad that you are ok...I am in Canada so our goverment insurance has no choice but to continue neice lives in Texas and her husband had melanoma...I'll try to find out what they did about insurance.. does your health care team at the hospital have any suggestions??
    Best of luck.