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Hi Everybody! Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2007! HUGS!! Cathy


  • karenack
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    Same here! Happy New Year to all of my cyberbuddies!
  • Susan956
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    Happy New Year to all!!!!! We all deserve and a blessed year..... Happy NAKED DANCE,,,,,, from one end to the country to the other.....

    Take care.... God bless All......

  • LesleyH
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    To all of you, Happy New Year. May you find prosperity, love, and most of all, good health in 2007.


  • lovonna
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    Happy New Year to all of you! May 2007 be a healthy one!

  • kathydaly
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    All I wish for is good health for all of us, because; as we have all found out, it is the most important thing above all else.

    And after that, if I get one other wish, it would be that we all (not just us in here) be loved the way we deserved to be, and I guess that is basically a wish for world peace!

    I found last night watching the ball drop on tv, with my 2 sons, and everyone getting along with each other much more hopeful than ever before.

    So, as the kids these days say, Peace...out, Kathy