Some really good URLs for a healthier 2007!!

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I recently found a few web sites that have some really good (and free) info if you are into eating healthier and smarter.

The first is (a non profit organization). Most don't know that there is a list of fruits and veggies that absorb and keep pesticides more then others based on thousands of tests done by the Dept of Agri and the FDA. If you want to minimize your exposure to pesticides, there is a list of the worst (full of pesticides) to the best (you don't need to buy organic) on that site. It is free and you don't have to subscribe to anything nor do they sell your info.

Another great one is (another non profit). You can put in your zip code (US and Canada) and get a list of all the healthy/organic farms, restaurants, health food stores within miles of you. I found a few places I did not know about within 15 miles of my house and I have been looking for places for over 2 years now.

The last site is a great one for vegetarian recipes: I eat meat, but not too often and only the kinds that are not given hormone injections, fed antibiotics, treated inhumanely, etc So I have to like my veggies and am always looking for some new and tasty recipes.

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy New Year!!!!

Lisa P.


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    Wow, Lisa, all three of those sites are fantastic. Thanks for posting it for us. Happy New Year to you!

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    Hi Lisa:

    Thanks so much for the URLs. I've learned a lot from the pesticide list and am getting ready to try out a white beans recipe! Yum-O, as Rachel Ray would say :-)

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    Thanks Lisa,
    I was just thinking that some healthy info was just what we needed to start 2007!
    I received some good info tonight and I thought I would pass it on...although I am sure you know of it already.
    Anyway, I was talking to a vitamin specialist, and she told me that our vitamin and mineral supplements are good to take with food, but our herbal supplements (turmeric, medicinal mushroom extracts and other herbal blends) are best taken in-between meals. Chlorella and other super-foods can be taken at any time and mixed with anything.
    I really appreciated learning about all of this for two reasons...I really want my supplements to do their best; and I spend so (freakin') much on them, that I don't want to waste any $$$ or usefulness!
    Maybe your post can be the start of many more healthful hints!!
    Take care...wishing all a healthy and happy 2007!
    - Maura
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    Thanks for posting this. I've wanted a good list of vegetables and fruits that are most compromised by pesticides and the site had just what I needed.

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    Thanks, Scouty! I can't wait to read the links.