First Chemo Treatment Wednesday

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Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with my husband and I what the first chemo treatment will be like. I know the doctor said it would be about 3 hours but we would both like to get an idea of things they do before its started, is there questions I should ask, I was wondering if they give him anti nauesa meds before or after, do they do blood before, when he gets the one drug that makes you sencetive to the cold can he expect a reaction from that when they first start the drug, does nausea start during treatment or later and if it does can they give him something. I don't know we are both just a little worried about the whole thing. I think it's the fear of the unknown (sure have had alot of that lately!). I'd appreciate what ever anyone can offer. Also here's wishing you all a very Healthly and Happy New Year. Sandy


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    hello there, i dont know what stage of cancer or anything like that but i can tell you that my first chemo treatment was not to bad, i know they give you nausea medication in your iv line and they gave me benadryl to help with relaxation and with any allergic side effects, the cold sensitivity will come, i cant recall when just be careful when you drink cold drinks because you dont notice that anything is different until you take that cold drink. it feels like a bunch of cotton is in your mouth and it is pricking your tongue all over. you will also get sensitivity to cold on your hands and feet as well. cold floors and holding onto cold things with your hands feels like you have been shocked or something. i know it sounds weird but it is tolerable and you will learn very quickly what to do and what not to do.(lol) hang in there, the fight is worth it. beat the beast my friend.keep a positive attitude as it is very important. my prayers are with you and your wife.just to lift your spirits, i am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor. it can be done and you can do it.

    god bless you both
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    they usually do add anti-nausea drugs to the infusion, and he probably won't have immediate nausea the first time..if he does get sick,it'll likely be 2 or 3 days out. You might ask them for an Rx to take home-(Ativan) was a good one for me. Then he may have no side's hard to predict. Bud
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    Hello Sandy, My first treatment was 5 months ago,I have one more month to go, but let me tell you that have been very manageable, they do a lab work before treatment to see that everything is fine to go ahead, they gave me some meds called EMEN for nauseas and/or vomiting, these pills are expensive but I have not experienced any side effects for nausea or vomiting,they are only 3 pills that you take for 3 days,if your insurance pays for that it will be great,I only pay $60 of my pocket,in reference of the cold reaction, it will happen only if you touch cold things,or drink anything cold,is not very confortable,but again is tolerable, this have been my experience but every person is different,I hope that your husband has the least side effects as possible, keep us posted of how everything goes.
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    Hi Sandy - I'm in Canada, but I'm sure the treatments are all the same. I do blood work first thing (that's how they determine whether to go ahead with the chemo), then off to chemo. At chemo they first give you anti-nausea meds (IV) and then the chemo. They also send me home with two days worth of strong anti-nausea medication as well as pills that can be taken every six hours if needed. To be honest, I have been pretty lucky in that area as I have had very little nausea. As to the cold, I was very sensitive to it, so I noticed that I had to stop drinking room temperature water about 3/4 of the way into the infusion. After that I started drinking teas, warm water, etc. As long as your husband is well dressed for the winter (I don't know where you live, but it is darn cold here), hats, gloves, warm car, etc. he should not have much of a problem with the cold. Wishing you the best on your first chemo. Don't hesitate to e-mail if you have any other questions. Monica
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    Sandy -

    I don't know the details, but obviously if you are worried about the cold symptoms, he is getting oxaliplatin. They will draw blood once they have placed his IV and do a quick blood count check. He will probably have dexamethasone and some anti-nausea drug such as Kytril given IV as pre-meds. Most likely with the oxaliplatin they will also give him calcium and magnesium IV (they are supposed to help with cold sensitivity). Then he will finally get the oxy infusion which takes about 2 hours. Not sure what else, if anything he is getting. At the least they will send him home with prescriptions for anti-nausea drugs such as Compazine and Ativan (and maybe fancier things to take for a couple of days such as Anzemet and Emend).

    I found the nausea to be very "low level" and controlled with Compazine mostly with occasional Ativans. The cold sensitivity is very wierd - it diminishes over the course of the cycle and at least in my case was the worst for the first few days - he will quickly learn what he can tolerate - it really isn't so bad.

    Wishing the best to both of you.
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    I agree with betina...Emen is a gift from Heaven...He can always ask for more anti nausea medicine while getting the infusion if necessary...I always have to ask for an extra dosis of Ativan...(IV) it works great...GREAT for anti nausea...this is my second time around with chemo, and it hasn't been bad at all this time...I pay 45 dollars for those 3 pills...but they are worth it...I also take a suppository......God bless
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    Hi Sandy,

    It sounds like you have gotten some great information already. The anti-nausea medications really help and it is better to take them before you need them rather than waiting to treat it after it starts.

    Of course you both are anxious about the treatments, but I know your husband will do fine. Please know that I'm sending him well wishes and hope that all goes well.

    Please keep us posted on his progress.


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    Hi Sam

    Please let us know how the first treatment goes. ASK as many questions as you need to. From my experience, the nurses are incredible and can always answer your questions.

    Good Luck