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Hi All,
I had a scope two weeks ago,it is my eighth in nine years. Of the eight scopes I have had polyps removed on five ocassions . All were small,around 2mm and did not cause any problems. This time they removed two more polyps again around two mm each. Once more I thought no worries but a biopsy has confirmed alterred cells in one of the polyps. Not yet cancer but definitely pre-cancerous changes. Makes you wonder where you would be if your GI misses one and your are on two yearly scopes. Might have a word with my GI and see how she feels about annual scopes. Ron.


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    Glad to hear they caught it when they did. Your vigilance paid off.

    Happy New Year!

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    G'day Ron....happy new year mate! Great to hear you are doin ok. As for doc. said that after my scan in Jan. they should be able to extend the scans to 12 monthly instead of 6. I am not sure if I will be comfortable with that. I often here docs use the word paranoid. Paranoid of what I say? I pay for a large percentage of the cost of my ct's and so I am quite happy to continue frequent scanning..."just in case", rather than become too complacent. Too many times do we see a re-ocurrance raise it's head...too many times do we hear of someones journey with NED reverse due to the long intervals between scans.
    I don't care if I get called paranoid.Cancer is not to be taken lightly at any cost...especially one's life.I have known of too many people here in oz that were told they were "totally cured" after 5 years. Sure, with luck it can be. But I still think good constructive monitoring must be maintained for the life of cancer sufferers. There is no middle ground....not in my vocabulary. Too many have sad stories to tell.
    Cheers mate, Ross n Jen
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    Great post, Ron. I'm glad you are vigilant.

    I had five polyps removed in August and three had precancerous cells. My gastro doesn't plan to scope me for two years, but my oncologist wants it done in six months to a year. We must continue to be our own advocates in our quest for wellness.


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    Ron: I agree with Kay, one thing I have learned in this battle is that we are our own best advocates and that we cannot leave the decision making to our doctors, it is our lives, not theirs. By the way, vigilant is a great word. Monica
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    Great Ron, perfect subject line. Plus they caught it in time. I am glad you are thinking the way I would be thinking and am. And Kangatoo is 100% right.

    Happy New year, Hugs. Russell