Dad had lung cancer/chemo, need advice for the after math

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Four yrs ago, my Dad was diagnosed w/colon cancer, had portion of the colon removed, followed by chemo. One year ago, lung cancer was found, the lung was removed, followed by 6 mos of chemo. Recent PET scan and CT scan show no signs of cancer. He has had 2 blood transfusions to restore low hemoglobin. He is frail, super thin, forgetful, saying odd things, etc. This happened about 6 mos ago to the point we had to hand feed him, dress him, etc. Doctor said it was from depression, put him on's happening again.....anyone else out there that has experienced the same situation?


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    I haven't had a similar experience, but I would definitely talk to the doctor about it. It doesn't sound like depression to me, but I am no Doctor! Get a second opinion, it will make you feel better, and it might help!
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    Hi. Did your Dad end chemo 6 months ago? Because confusion and forgetfulness are often caused by chemo-- it shows up in varying degrees in different people. This is known as the "chemo fuzzies", if you've ever heard that term. My Mom has experienced this a little in the last year, but she's been undergoing non-stop chemo for 11 months.

    If he really hasn't had chemo for 6 months, then I wouldn't think that his symptoms would be associated with chemo?

    Did his recent PET and CT scans include his head? Double check, because they don't always. Sometimes they're just done of the chest and abdomen in lung cancer patients. Make sure his head was scanned, and if there's no sign of any cancer in his brain, then really push the issue to find out why he's confused/forgetful and saying the wrong words. I agree with the previous poster that that does NOT sound like depression.

    Good luck to you and your Dad.
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    Hi Clyn,I also had a lung removed about 16 months ago.Follewed by chemo. I also was very thin with sunken eyes.U had a very hard time getting food down. I also was very depressed and cryed very very much even tho I had a good prognosis considering. It sounds to me like your father has been thru a lot and it could be a number of things or a combination.
    I have since started on Lexapro an antidepressant and feel much better mentally.I have gained my weight back,plus some. So I also would mention your Dads symptoms to his doctor.Could be a number of things. I was staged nslc 2b and my last xray looked good. I hope and pray the best for you and your father. Please keep us informed. Mike