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Many of you may recall me speaking of my friend, Alan, who has been bravely battling a rare form of lymphoma for the last 7 years.He and I spoke of you all here at CSN often.
Sadly, Alan lost his fight on xmas day.Xmas will for me always be a day to remember this courageous man.He was a man of small stature but had an enormous heart.Today Jen and I will pay our respects at his funeral. He was also a motorcycle riding "gentleman" and spent many hours touring with his wife, Carlene.
Alan will "take his last ride today".
I will miss his smiling face and fair dinkum ozzie humour.
----ride in peace my friend----

Love Ross and Jen


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    I am so sorry to hear of this loss for you and Alan's family.

    I pray for peace and comfort in knowing that he no longer has to fight and can rest comfortably.


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    I still have the photos you sent me of Alan and his wife. My heart feels for you, my friend, as I know you have lost a dear friend BUT the memories you have of him and with him will sustain you just as he would want.

    My sincere hugs to you and Jen!!!!!

    Love, Lisa P.
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    Very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Alan. Your thoughtful words show what a good friend he had in you.

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    So sorry for your loss, you are in my prayers.

    God Broke our hearts to prove to us, He Only takes the BEST.

    I will keep you and Alan in my prayers.

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    Dear Ross and Jen,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss.

    Your family and Alan's family will be in my prayers.

    God Bless-
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    Ross: please convey sympathy and prayers to Carlene.. Each of these losses diminishes us all;your friend still travels with you, he's just in another lane.. Bud
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    Hi Ross and Jen:

    I am so sorry to hear about Alan's passing, and hope that somehow Carlene is finding the strength to deal with it all. Perhaps she can take some comfort in knowing that he's not hurting any more, and that she has you and Jen for friends during this trying time.

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    Ross & Jen, so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. He will be in my thoughts.

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    Btrcup said:

    Ross & Jen, so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. He will be in my thoughts.


    Thank you all for your kind messages.During the service Alan's daughter spoke about her fathers life and his devotion to Carlene, his children and grandchildren.A very moving story which also touched on his sincere, yet humorous character. A dvd photo compilation of his 72 years of life was extremely moving for all those who attended the chapel.
    I said that he was very true. We know here just how difficult chemo can be for us all....Alan had to endure it for many years, and did so with so much dignity. day Alan and I will met at the crossroads and ride together again.
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    What a sweet post, Kanga. I am so sorry for his passing. He is now free from pain and suffering.

    I know your and Jen's presence at the funeral brought comfort and peace to his family.


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    Kango, I'm so sorry to hear about your special friend. Please know that you are all in my prayers! You have always had a way with words ever since I have know you. Hugs and prayers Sue
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    Ross and Jen, I am sorry to hear of your loss. You and Alan's family will be in my prayers.

    Hugs, Russell