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I am having increased overall stiffness and significant hip pain. I have been on tamoxifen for 9 months now and wonder if this could be one of its' side effects. Has anyone else experienced this and if they have, does it go away with time (as the insomnia did) or does exercise help? And if exercise doesn't help is there something else that does? And what causes this pain and stiffness in the first place? I feel like I am aging prematurely.


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    This is too funny, I just responded to you on my thread, while you were adding your PS, I think I answered everything before I saw your PS, LOL. Yes, I do agree.

    Now as to the tamoxifen, I didn't have the pain w/it but, my cousin did. My Onc. told me that instead of going to tamoxifen 1st, the thinking now is to go to 1 of the aromatase inhibitors 1st: arimidex, aromasin, femora. Read my answer to femora after tamoxifen. I know that they are switching people off tamoxifen to one of these 3 I mentioned.

    Hope this helps, gf, love 'n hugggggs, Kathy
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    I had some hip stiffness while on tamoxifen and even more joint achiness on exemestane which followed. I have read a number of postings here that make me think it is a side effect, but I'm an active person and find it hard to separate out what comes from over-exercise and what comes from the drugs. I have noted though, that staying active(daily walking and an M-F exercise class) seem to keep the soreness from sidelining me. Ibruprofen or Tylenol seem to take care of bad days. A muscle rub like Bengay or Aspercream help, esp. on the smaller joints or the back. Sometimes cold packs and sometimes hot packs help, but remember not to use both a muscle rub and hot packs: you can end up with severe burns that way. A vibrating chair cushion with heat settings was a gift to myself last Christmas and I enjoy it from time to time to relieve some of the stiffness. A lighter bedspread seemed to keep stiffness from settling in overnight too. Not moving around definately makes it worse. I can tell it is worse in the winter when my bedcovers are thicker and heavier. From what I read, menapause can cause similar stiffness and pain. I believe it has something to do with inflamation and the effect of the hormones (and lack of estrogen) on the joints. Of course, any pain should be discussed with your oncologist. The doctor can help you separate the kinds of pains that you need to explore from the kinds that an over-the-counter medication can take care of. Be sure to discuss it with your doctor the next time you see him or her. Good luck!
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    It's so difficulty to separate the Tamoxifen from the after effects of chemo, but I have now been taking Tamoxifen for almost a year. I am doing really well. I can only tell you that I now exercise every single day. I walk an average of 35 to 50 miles a week and I do half an hour of yoga every day. I also to Qi Dong and Belly dance. The more I read, the more convinced I am that exercise and healthy eating is the key to our survival.