Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas, All!

I just made a great soup for Christmas Eve - numerous organic veggies - but tomorrow I add the cream. Lousy, I know, but it IS Christmas.

I wish you all the best. The New Year will bring what it will bring, but for now I plan to enjoy the holidays and not worry about Janurary 2 and beyond.

Be good everyone!



  • alta29
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    Same to u .....that soup sounds great
    My wish for 2007 is to bring a cure for cancer...Lets all hang in there !!!!
  • oneagleswings
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    Merry Christmas to you Betsy and I'll add my wish also for 2007 to bring us all a cure for cancer...
    Have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Kanort
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    Hi Betsy,

    Merry Christmas, Betsy. Please enjoy the holidays and I add to that wish for a cure for cancer.


  • Patti1
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    Betsy, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the soup.Christmas should be a time of joy, and as I have my husband here this year I look forward to Christmas next year
  • Russell05
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    Enjoy Betsy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.
    You are doing the right thing, take one day at a time.
    Hugs, Be well
  • CAMaura
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    Thanks and same to you!! Soup sounds wonderful - Maura
  • MarkWalz
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    The soup sounded good,it must be the time because I made soup for two days. Chicken noodle and potato chowder. Have a Happy New Year. Let us pray for a cure soon. I hope all is well with you. I have not been in contact with anyone for a while. My surgery in August went well with tumor now gone. Scan in October was good. I hope for a good one in January.
    Happy New Year.