lung cancer spread to liver

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Does anyone have any stories of survivors of lung cancer that spread deeply into the liver? I need some hope.


  • kaitek
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    Hello baughman,

    Sorry I don't have that story, but I'd still like to wish you the best in your cancer therapy and much luck for a full recovery.

    Take as much control over your treatment decisions and do what you can at home to enhance the treatments. Don't let any of the scary prognosis affect your optimism and mental health.
  • cabbott
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    We had a speaker a year ago at our relay for life that had breast cancer that had spread to the liver. I believe she had the one spot operated on and then used both traditional and other medicines to beat up the beast. I recall she was very in to good diet, regular exercise, stuff to build up the immune system, and aggressive medical treatment. She had consulted doctors in Texas and Mexico concerning alternative ways to build back liver health. I have read research since that said that sometimes surgeons will take a chance and remove a spot if it seems localized. Otherwise, a drug treatment is preferable. I can see the point: if it is spread throughout the liver, why put yourself through the agony of an operation when you will still need the chemo to wipe it out unless the operation has a good chance of helping solve the problem. I will be praying for you.