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My father and my family all went to the doctors to hear the results.. We thought it would be good for my father to have the support. We were all very worried as my father had been complaining about hip pain. So when you worry every pain is cancer symptoms. The doctor informed us that the bone scan/hip scan and abdomine scan and blood works came back negative. The doctor indicated that the cancer is localized in the prostate and is slowing growing. The doctor had indicated that given that my father was constantly watching his prostate the cancer was caught very early. The next step is for my father to go to doctor Tawari for consiltation for robtic surgery and then followed by and MRI of the prostate and then surgery. While they are conducting the surgery the will take numerous biopsys to make sure the cancer has not spread to surrounding areas. That is all the information I know right now. I will keep you all posted. This was a great Christmas gift for my family. So far so good. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I want to thank every one who helped me and my family get through the early stages of the diganosis. I wish all of you happy holidays and I will keep you posted on the next step which will be in early January. Thanks


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    Hi All,

    Early detection is the key and it sounds like your dad was diligent. With the new surgicial procedures the window of success has gotten larger.

    This is all very scary I know all to well. I had a radical in 03. The horror stories of the past you have heard of are no longer the norm.

    My life is totally normal, urine control and sexual function, and he has every reason to expect the same.

    Best Wishes
    Ron C
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    I am very happy to hear that the bone scan was negative.
    Your dad couldnt be in better hands than Dr Tewari.
    Please let him know I wish him and your entire family the best and will contact him right after the new year.
    I wish your dad (and family) a very happy and HEALTHY 2007!!!!