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First let me apoligise for not posting . After 4 treatments of folfiri my cea was still rising. I had a pet/cat two weeks ago , which showed that my liver mets have increased in size and number . My Onc gave me two options . Cpt11/ Eribitux . Or Sir Spheres treatment . We have decided to go with the Sir Spheres . I met with the Dr. yesterday to go over everything . I will have the first part of the treatment on Dec 27th . This is to just go in though the groin and inject contrast to get a good look at the viens and block off viens that don't go to the liver to make sure the beads don't go elsewhere . Then if all go's well I will have the beads injected the first week of Jan (yikes) Happy new year to me . I am pretty scared , But have heard and read good things about this treatment . Please say a little Prayer for me . I sure hope this works . My love to all .
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you .
Take Care and God Bless .


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    I have been thinking about you and getting worried. I misplaced your phone number - give me a call or email me your number - would like to talk with you.

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    Hi Debra, I wish the best for you. I hope the Sir spheres works for you. Keep the faith!! Have a Nice Christmas and New Years, Mindy
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    i never heard of this treatment. Sending positive vibes your way!
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    Thanks for the update. I think of you often. Keep fighting...you're going to beat this.
    I'm sending lots of prayers your way.
    Best wishes,
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    I don't know about this treatment either. Please let us know how you are doing after surgery. jams
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    I'll be praying that the Sir Spheres treatments work for you!! Keep fighting.
    God Bless-
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    I was wondering about you!!!!! I know nothing about that treatment but am glad you still have options and are attacking the **** cells.

    You are already in my prayers and I will continue them.

    Hugs and you have a great holiday too. Thanks for checking in, I was getting ready to sic the ole Sponger on you!!!!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Hey there,
    Can you explain "Sir Spheres" and why you chose it over Erbitux?

    You've been added to my prayer list.
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    Hang in there Debra, Lets pray that this treatment works.
    Hugs, and Happy Holidays to you, My prayers are with you.

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    keep fighting...It can be done....
    God bless
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    Prayers up to you, Debra! ALL of this is scary...but, sigh, the alternative is NOT an OPTION!

    Big, strong, warm hugs....

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    Debra, NO apologies ever necessary for not posting more; you have some pretty important prioities to tend to. The new treatment sounds very promising; I'll be sending prayers your way; good luck with part one on the 27th, and may it be the start of a Happy, healthy New Year. Judy
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    Hi Debra,

    It's so good to hear from you. I pray that this treatment will be successful with your liver mets. Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Merry Christmas and the very best in the New Year.


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    Debra: you are brave and hopeful, therefore you will survive.. be strong and believe. Bud
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    I am sorry I have not gotten back to you eithe. I am doing well and want to encourage you with this procedure. I friend of mine just had the first part done December 12 and the other part due in Janurary. He is doing great and the prognosis is very postive. So my prayers are with you friend. I will try to keep up better with you. As you know we all go through this together.
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    I'm saying prayers for you and I think of you everyday. You will have to be our spokes person for this Sir Spheres and let us know what that is all about. Thoughts and prayers are your way. Sue