Barry E. Frost 04-12-1944 to 12-18-2006

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Hello everyone,
Unfortunatley my father passed away Monday afternoon. I want to thank everyone for their ecouragemanet and support. I cannot express how much my family depended on you to guide us through this horrific ordeal.
I have never experienced something so difficult in my life such as this. What is extremely sad is that it was ultiamtley blood clots that overtook my dad's life. He was one of the rare cases that Lovenox, and Heparin had the reverse effect. Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers. Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to every family dealing with this. We are lucky to have you brave survivors guiding and encouraging us not just to fight, but to fight hard and strong. You are amazing. To everyone who has a family member dealing with lung cancer my heart goes out to you, especially the caregivers.
My dad services are 10:00 Friday morning. Please say a short prayer for him.


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    I'm deeply sorry to hear about your dad. Take comfort in the fact that he is with God now. My thoughts and prayers are with him and your entire family.

    God bless.
  • Susan_Xu
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    So sorry to hear about your dad's pass away. I will pray for him.
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    Susan_Xu said:


    So sorry to hear about your dad's pass away. I will pray for him.

    Tammy, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. You're all in my prayers.
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    Hello Tammy.
    I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. You must take comfort in the fact that he is now in a better place, and his suffering is over. Time will heal you and your family, and you will be happy. Focus on all the good memories of your Dad.
    He is in my prayers.
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    Hi Tammy,

    It is sad to hear anybody lose his/her fight with cancer. And it's particularly difficult during this holiday season. My heart goes out to you, along with my condolences.

    For Christmas and the new year, I hope for the best in the recovery for all lung cancer patients. And for those who have lost loved ones, the strength to carry on. It's not easy so don't put any pressure on yourself to get over the loss. Let your emotions be your guide and seek solace and comfort in those still around you who love you.

    I wished my friends here personally my best regards for the holidays, but daisy8, you haven't logged on for a while. If you're still checking in, I'm thinking about you and your brother. I hope he's doing well relatively. May your holidays be comforting and hopeful.

    My holiday wishes are extended to everyone here, as well. Stay strong, vigilant, and resilient.
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    Dear T Frost:

    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. I lost my Mother to LC on December 18, 1989. I am now a 20 month LC survivor, thanks be to God.

    I pray that God will give you and your family strength during this difficult time.