Getting nervous

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Hello to all of you! I haven't posted for a while and actually haven't been "lurking" too much either. Guess I am getting my life back!!!

Tuesday is my PET scan and am having a few problems trying to stay upbeat and positive. Just keep thinking about last year and how well I felt at diagnosis.

If NED I am scheduled for port removal the 22nd and am a little nervous about that too, but I can't think of a better xmas gift!!!!!

Came back to this board for support and I know I will get it! In the mean time Happy Holidays to everyone and a blessed new year!



  • Susan956
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    Sending good wishes and prayers for a long and wonder life with NED.... Try to stay busy this weekend.... and Tuesday will be here soon.... Then on to getting rid of the port.... YAHHHH.... I got rid of mine about 1 month ago... it felt so good to have the last item associated with treatment out of my body...

    Good Luck... God Bless...


  • josiemac
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    Hello LoVonna, I am also in line for my annual PET scan on Thursday. I totally understand the angst of waiting. My last one was also clear and I was exhilarated to no end with the results. I just clear my head of all negative thoughts and focus on positive. I know your results will be great and you can get on with getting on, just like me.
    Blessing to you all,
  • OregonSeaStar
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    Hi LoVonna - So glad to hear that you've been able to begin getting your life back! I'm still doing the chemo thing and still, of course, have the port in, but its sure good to hear from those who are past it and doing well. I can certainly relate to the shock of diagnosis, especially when everything seems fine and you feel well. All my fingers and toes are crossed and prayers are being said that your PET scan result is your best Christmas gift ever! Let us know . . . . . . . . .
  • inkblot
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    Hugs LaVonna and best wishes for NED!!! Get that port out and enjoy the holidays!!!! Here's to hoping you start a New Year with a new lease, a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a song in your heart!!!

    Love, light and laughter,
  • KathiM
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    PLEASE let us know....for you, even tho it is VERY cold, I will do my famous naked happy dance!!! Even in the snow!!!!

    I had my port removed 3 months are right, your life is yours again!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • LesleyH
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    Hi LoVonna,

    I've been absent a while too. So glad to see everything is going well for you. Hope the PET went well.