PSA Levels

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Hello this is the first day on-line. I justed wanted to know the severity of my fathers PC who is 60 years old. He was diagnosed on Dec. 8, 2006 after is PSA jumped from 2.9 - 6.0. A biopsy indicated that the tumor was cancreous. All we know so far is that his PSA Level was 6.1 and his Gleason score was (3+3) a total of 6. According to the doctor it is considered a slow growing tumor deep inside the prostate that was undetectable by sonograms. The next step is to test the bone and blood to determine if it has spread beyond the prostate. Since my family is new at this it would be a great help to us if any one could provide us with some guidance or opinions on my fathers PC condition. Any basic infomation would be appreciated. (I.E. the servity of the gleason score or the level of his PSA. Are they considered high. Please help me understand were my father stands at this stage with this disease. Is there hope for a long life Thank all of you who respond.