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Hello out there, hope someone can help me. I had a thryoidectomy November 27 for Hurthle cells. Found out 1 week later it was cancer, follicular, 2cm. Now I have to go w/o any synthroid til meeting with Radiologist Jan 8. How bad is it to go hypo? How bad is RAI treatment? I feel really confused and alone. I have heard that this is a rare type of thryoid cancer. I hope to hear from some more experienced survivors. Thank you!


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    If you google the National Cancer Institute it will give a listing of the different types of cancer and you will get alot of information and references for the cancer. Basically thyroid cancer is about the most treatable type of cancer and has a very good prognosis. With stopping the Synthroid it may take several months to really reach the hypothyroid state. I would assume that they will allow you to restart it before that. If you are off of it for very long you will likely need to restart it at a lower dose and build the dose level up slowly.

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    Options is the thyroid cancer survivors association, you will find a lot of information there as well.