One down-- 7 to go

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Haven't posted in a while. Moving in and getting as much done before my chemo started made me pretty busy. My Dr was really great about timing everthing out so I'd be able to to be in good form for the Thanksgiving and my daughter's visit during New Year's week. First treatment was Monday and so far, so good. No side effects other than the fatigue and that's just fine by me.
My cousin, ( also a survivor) sent me one of those Hallmark cards that plays music. Her choice--I Will Survive. Great choice.
Hang in everybody.

Kathy ( now in SC)


  • jcbeenthere
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    That is the way to do it! Great for you feeling so good. Your MD has probably been doing this for a while and I found that for "events" my onc was also good about allowing me to feel my best. Congratulations and keep the positive attitude!
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    Glad to see your post. I had been wondering how you were doing. Glad that you now have one down....keep looking toward the end of treatments. You are clearly strong and have a great support system.... How great the your cousin sent that card.... I guess I never thought of it... but it was such a great choice... Take Care... and hope that you are enjoying your move to S.C.


    Susan ... also in SC
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    So glad to hear from you...I was about to send out the Mounties...(hey, there are some REAL BEEFCAKES in THAT group!!!).

    As far as the card.....could there be any OTHER choice????

    Hugs, Kathi

    PS-Don't forget the water!!!