2nd surgery or radiation again

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I had thyroid removed in May 05, have done the radation I131 and had 2 or 3 scans. Last scan was a month ago, this scan was good, but by Tg levels went from a 2 to a 20. This was the first time I had ever heard about your this blood test. I had been trying to figure out the TSH tests. Now my oncologist says it may or may not be cancer in residual thyroid. I did a PET scan it was good. He is suggesting to a 2nd surgary to remove any residual that the radiation hasn't been able to get, but heres is the kicker. My endo dr thinks I should do radiation again rather than surg. I am going in to a meet a different doc that my oncologist is referring me to next week. What would you do???? Has anyone else had to choose. Does a 20 a for sure cancer. He was unclear on this to me?


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    It sounds like your oncologist is guessing that there is residual tissue in the thyroid bed. It also sounds like you had positive results from RAI last time you had a dose. I think I would go with RAI again and talk to your endo to give you the highest dose possible. I have had 6 surgeries for papillary ca, and several RAI doses. My case is advanced, been 13 years now. But I would always choose RAI over surgery!
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