Is this a "perk" from the radiation?

sherra Member Posts: 41
After finishing chemo, I received radiation to my neck and chest for HD back in 2003. Since my radiation treatment, whenever I get a cold-I seem to lose my voice. Has anyone else experienced this side effect from radiation?


  • oneagleswings
    oneagleswings Member Posts: 425 Member
    can't say that I have heard one way or another..have you mentioned this to your oncologist??..glad to see that you seem to be well since 2003..
  • sweetpeas
    sweetpeas Member Posts: 1
    I still have that happen to me as well. I had 28 days of radiation to the neck and chest as well and I lose my voice very easily now.
  • lhodnet
    lhodnet Member Posts: 62
    I frequently have problems with my throat, including contracting bronchitis and losing my voice - if we happen to go somewhere where it is loud and I need to raise my voice to talk, I quit talking as it hurts and I usually loose my voice. (btw, I finished radiation in 04)