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I posted a couple of days ago about my mom being asked to come back for a second mammogram. Since that posting, we found out that the letter received by her doctor's office said the following:

*pockets of calcium calcifications - most likely benign

Does anyone have any insight? Would they make such a comment in the report if the did not feel it was true (radiologist)? Any insight would be welcomed.


  • Susan956
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    I am sure that the radiologist doesn't believe that it is cancer, if he wrote that note. It also makes sense as to why you got the news in a letter rather than a quick phone call. HOWEVER, DO NOT let that keep you from getting the follow up mammogram. And I would try to get is scheduled quickly if for no other reason than to have peace of mind. Calcuim calcifications is many times a marker for BC. I hope you and your Mom find that this was just a scare and that your will both be able to have a wonderful Christmas with this episode behind you. Keep us posted.

    Take Care... ((((Hugs))))

  • cruf
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    Hi! The majority of calcifications are benign but there is a pattern of clusters that sends out concern . DCIS is noninvasive early stage breast cancer that shows as microcalcifications. That is what I had 6 years ago. It is very treatable . Don't panic until you know for sure but definitly look into it. A biopsy will probably be recommended and that will tell whether it is Cancer or benign. Good luck. Let us know. Feel free to contact me here if you have any specific questions. HUGS!!! Cathy
  • KathiM
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    97% of all lumps are benign calcifications. That is the official stat.

    But, I ended up in the 3%. I was being dismissed, had that lump for over 10 years....but luckily (?) got colon cancer which involved a PET scan. Well, the lump lit.

    It is good to be concerned about your body, because a doctor only sees you once a year. Please follow up with mom's calcifications until YOU and SHE are was mentioned, DCIS (stage 0/1 Breast Cancer) is VERY treatable, MUCH more so than 2B, which was when mine was finally caught...

    Hugs and prayers for the 97%!!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    There is also the option to ask for a breast MRI, which gives a much better picture. The doctor will say they cause more false positives but it's what saved me on my 2nd fight w/the beast. If she has a biopsy then, the radiologist will have from those pictures (if indeed necessary) a much better picture to do it. I had 2 mammograms that day that showed nothing, when he followed the report from the MRI (2 small masses) he was able to biopsy both, and one was at 7mm. malignant. But the difference is for me I felt pain in the one and could tell him he was in it, since it was so small. So, just a suggestion for peace of mind. I have no doubt they think it's true, but it is not the gold standard anymore.

    Huggs and rooting for an MRI, Kathy
  • jamilli
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    Ask for more than what they are offering your mother. Another mammogram will probably be read as calcium deposits. Ask for an MRI and/or a biopsy. Don't stop asking and don't be polite.
    I don't know why but in this day and age, health care givers (and I am one) respond very well to very assertive behaviour and respond very poorly to passive behaviour. If you don't get anywhere, call another diagnostic center, get another doctor. Trust your instincts and act.
    Good luck, I wish I could talk to her doctor for you. I went from lump to mastectomy in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks thanks to my big mouth.
    Your mom is lucky to have you.