2 years ago today, the official fight began....

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Today, 2 years ago, I was reeling from the diagnosis of rectal cancer. I also was in pain where the tumor was pressing against my tailbone. I was not aware of my family here yet, and pretty much went it alone. Luckily, the following March, I found you all!!! Luckier still, it was about the time the 'serious stuff' started...resection, then the 2nd diagnosis, breast cancer. I have be blessed with so many wonderful people here that helped me laugh, and one special friend, a 'chatter' who shared my breast cancer, but no chemo, who claimed I looked BETTER with no hair!!!!!

At Thanksgiving dinner, I was asked what I thought made the difference, why did I survive, with such dismal stats against me. "Attitude, support, belief in my treatment, reaching out to the greater spirit, and laughter". That's it. And you all here are a big part of that. Those 3 words said to me 2 years ago are the scariest sentence I can think of...and to do it alone would be tough, next to impossible.

So, I give thanks for all of you here, all of my other friends, my family, the greater spirit that had me on many prayer lists I don't even know about, my treating docs, and my kitties that gave me daily 'cat scans'.

Hugs from a very full heart...and still NED!!!!

Hugs, Kathi


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    YAY! Congratulations on 2 whole years NED! That is wonderful! We are thankful for you, your attitude, your knowledge and help also!
    Here's to the rest of your life with NED and all the "kitty scans" you can take.

    HUGS back!
  • Susan956
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    As you would say HAPPY HAPPY NAKED DANCE. So glad that you have made it through the hard times and now can be thankful to have the fun times ahead of you. I agree that this site makes a big difference. I didn't find it until I was close to finishing treatment... But I have found it to be great......

    You always add laughter to this board... Have a special day or week and celebrate the strong woman that you are... By the way my new Dog is sitting next to me watching this. I am sure that your daily cat-scans... really do help.

    Love, laughter and live.....

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    I am so very happy for you Kathi. Truly happy in your diagnosis and in your joy that we are lucky enough to have you share w/us. I don't know you very well, I am a latecomer to finding my way here just this sept. and since my 1st ca was in '91. But this I know, I always look for your responses on the messages. Lots of thought, kindness, laughter, solid info and wisdom. I am so lucky I finally found this place and all of you too.

    God bless you, Kathy
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    This discussion group has helped me through many lows I have been through. I do not have time to attend a support group and I think I heal through written expression.
    You have been there for me and I thank you. The great thing about where we all seem to be with cancer is that we are all "on top of it." Making sure it doesn't come back again and if it does peak it's ugly head back in we are watching and are way ahead of it. We know how to be vigilant: thanks to this discussion group. Be proud, you are an anchor.
    Hugs back from another(almost) full heart
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    You GO GIRL! You bring joy, laughter and sincereity to this site and remain positive. You're an inspiration. The people in this site definitely help with support, tears and laughter. I'm going through it almost a year and if I hadn't had this place to come to I'd have been lost. YOU BE WELL - YEAH NED.