Happy Thanksgiving to All

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Just wanted to drop a note and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and many more. I have a new little friend at my house for the Holidays... My Black Lab died last year just as I was finishing treatment. I decided I really needed to decide that I wanted to make a committment to have another dog... SO I WAITED... But last night I went and got my Dog. He is a 12 month old Poodle - AKC registered. He is adorable. My Mom who normally doesn't allow animals in her house has told me to bring it with me. I only live about an hour away... So I expect for us to have a wonderful Thanksgiving... So different that last year when I still had Radiation yet to go. This year the beast is beat...and my energy has returned.

Happy Thanksgiving all... I hope each of your will have a joyous time...




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    Susan! That is great!!! I also just lost my doberman of almost 12 years, just this Halloween! She was my chemo couch potato partner. I know exactly how you feel. We are saving for a new pup for the spring. It is hard to save for that with the holidays.
    Congratulations on your new pup! Dogs are just the BEST! Have a wonderful holiday season with your new friend!
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    HappyThanksgiving, Susan! Sounds to me like you are going to have an exceptionally good day! Eat lots for me; I'll be cookin', but I don't think I'll be eatin' (big time mouth sores). Many years ago we adopted an older pure-bred poodle from the pound. She turned out to be the best dog we ever had - smart, playful even in old age, loving, and gentle. Here's to our wonderful, cuddly canine friends!
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    Susan, right back to you! Between the colorectal and the breast cancer, this is the first Thanksgiving in 2 years that I have not been in chemo!!!

    Hugs, Kathi

    (And, I am being held at paw-point, my 2 cats are demanding that I say that I get daily cat-scans to make sure all is well!!!!)
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    HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too Susan, and Kathi, and Oregan, and Mich!

    It's Thanksgiving morning, my bird is in, and relatives are bringing vegtables and I was told not to set the table by one of my maiden aunts because she has special turkey placemats and napkins. I think it's just a ploy to keep my work load down. My 3 kids helped enormously yesterday w/prep stuff. Soo, I'm sitting here on the couch watching the parade, here in NYC, and looking at all this rain. I feel sorry for those poor children marching in this wet, cold weather.
    I am getting all this help due to still having vhard time w/the aromasin, but it is getting better, TG.

    I too have lost a dog, and had to make the decision to put her down, and held her while they did. So hard. That was a week before Christmas in '03, I had to wait for the same reason as you Susan, but in March I had contacted a breeder in Minnosota, and I had my new baby cocker spanial 12 weeks later in May. Throughout my 2nd BC and 3rd in '04 and now in '06, she was my constant companion whether in bed or on the couch and soo protective of me, too protective actually, lol. My family saw a new side to this scared of her shadow puppy, who won't even walk on the grass outside until I do, hehe.

    I am so sorry to hear that the mouth sores are on you already Oregon. I have to say, over all, they were the worst for me. My oncol. gave me liquid lidicaine to mix w/two things you have in your medicine cabinet already,that of course I can't remember what they were, then to swish it in your mouth, then spit out. Ir really did help, no pain for 20 min.'s. It meant a lot to me, even tho' it was only 20 min.'s. Ask her/him about it.

    And Mich, you might want to check out the puppy adoption centers. I did that, none of them had a cocker spanial, although I nearly adopted a rottweiler, that was one beautiful BIG boy, truly, but i couldn't hold him on the leash w/o major effort, and he needed training that I wasn't sure I was up to, like heeling, and no pulling, sooo, I had to leave him for someone stronger and more adept than I was/am/are, lol. Imagine if I had gotten the rottweiller, OMG, rofl. So yes, here's to our wonderful chemo canine's and my wishes for love and happiness for all of us on this wonderful day for giving thanks.