Thyrogen and fertility

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Does anyone know if there is any problem with Thyrogen effecting ones future ability to have kids. I was reading the pamplet in my Thyrogen kit and it said, under pregnancy, that the effects on fertility have not been tested. I don't mind going Hypo this time around if there is any risk. does anyone know? Thanks


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    Thyrogen has not been tested in pregnancy and/or fertility issues, however, if treatment with radioactive iodine is being considered - I131 - there are implications from the treatment doses of that.

    In general, treatment doses of I-131 can cause some temporary issues on fertility - temporary ovarian failure, but it is also recommended that we do not consider becoming pregnant for at least 6 months to a year following treatments, either. Here is some info about that issue:
    and this one states:
    "Temporary ovarian failure has been described in about 25% of treated females, however, this may be related to other factors such as hypothyroidism...":

    Thyrogen (also search under 'alfa thyrotropin', the generic name) is a fairly 'new' drug, in the scheme of things - I think approval was first given for its' use in 1998, if I remember right, so there are still alot of things yet to be studied with it.

    You may want to consider talking to the members at the online support arm of - located here:

    And you may also find some discussions about these issues within these 2006 thyroid carcinoma treatment guidelines:

    Hope some of this helps a bit. All the best to you.