I'm back and Happy Thanksgiving!

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I kind of lost touch with CSN after I beat my breast cancer in 2004. In Sept. of this year, I found a lump in my left breast. To make a long story short....last time Stage II invasive ductal, tumor 5cm, 3 lymph nodes +, ER+/PR+, mastectomy rt. breast no reconstruction, 6 cycles A/C/Taxotere, 28 days radiation, Tamoxifen.
This time...stage I, 1.2cm primary invasive ductal tumor, no lymph nodes +, ER-/PR 0, left side mastectomy, bilateral reconstruction with rt. side latissimus dorsi, completed 2 out of 6 cycles of CMF so far, no radiation. I'm 39.
Anyway, just want to say hi and let you all know what a help this site is to all of us! You all make this much easier to go through and I even have several laughs at some of your comments. I'm thankful for all of your advice and read almost every thread. I don't reply much but, read them a lot! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and I'm thankful for you and your positive attitude like mine!


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    Welcome back to our club. Sorry that you are having to tangle with the beast a second time... but with your attitude I am sure that he will be crawling back into his hole soon.... An Ironman... how inspiring.... I have only tangled with the beast once... I am back to being me again... and I pay more attention to my diet and exercise than ever.... Happy Thanksgiving.... I hope the rest of your treatments go well.

    Take Care...


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    Welcome back! You know, with some people, the beast just doesn't GET it quite as fast. I share your 'double dip' with this terrorist, and have emerged the victor both times!!!! I am CERTAIN it is the same with you!

    As far as the laughs, Charlie Chaplin said it best...bears repeating....

    "A day without laughter is a day wasted".

    Big, warm, fuzzy hugs to you. And have a grand Turkey Day!!!

    Hugs, Kathi

    (And don't foget the water...I'll have to tell you that story sometime...talk about a laugh!)
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    Happy Tbird day to you too! May you be blessed thru the treatments coming out on top Beaming! just to say "HaHa to you beast...be gone>"

    Hugs and prayers.