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I am 41 y.o. and after a x-ray I was told that I have a 3cm tumor on the upper right lung and the best solution would be a surgery to take it out. During the surgery they discovered that I have adenocarcinoma and the lymphs were affected so they took out whole right lung. This has happened 4 weeks ago and 3 days ago doctor told nme that I have cancer stage 3b NSCC and I need to do chemio and radio therapy. Could somebody tell me if it is a chance to survive more than a yeat doing the conventional treatnent or if somebody knows from experience about one of alternative treatments. I've read a lot of about chelatio, hypertherapy, vaccin and more other but I didn't speak with anybody who did one of them. So please If you could help me with some informations let me know.I have a son who is 12 and I hope to see him finishing high school. Do you think that I have a chance?
Thank you a lot and I wish you every body only health and happyness.


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    You have more than a chance!!! I am an 8 year lung cancer survivor, stage 4 adenocarcinoma. I had an upper right lobectomy, chemo and radiation. I have never had a recurrence and so far healthy. I live my life as normal as can be. A positive attitude is extremely important, I believe that it affects your health. Lots of good luck!!! Karen
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    I had stage IV lung cancer inoperable and no radiation. I had chemo only. I have been cancer free since November 2005. You stand a better chance since they have removed most if not all of the apparent cancer. You need to find out all the info you can. You need to stay positive and believe that you will be cured.

    I was diagnosed in July 2005, stage IV lung cancer with a pleural effusion. I was told it was inoperable and that there is no cure. I have been cancer free since November 2005. I have no bad side effects and I feel great. I never had a sick day through all of my treatment. You can type ernrol in the search box at top of screen, then click on any place you see ernrol to the right of screen. This will take you to my web page. If you would like more info about the things I did let me know, and I will post them.
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    Hi dorutu,

    No matter what, always have faith you can beat cancer and never give up. There are too many treatment options available to let any failure resign yourself to anything dire. And a positive attitude is best for a good mental health to help you battle and beat cancer.

    Now, I've been a broken record on two fronts about the advantages and encouraging effectiveness of PROTON THERAPY. Since your doctor is looking at radiation anyway, try asking him/her if you're a good candidate.

    I'm also a big believer in dietary reinforcement to help your body fight off the cancer cells. In that regard, I'm a proponent of cruciferous vegetables. If I had to whittle down to one food item as a cancer weapon, it would be those vegetables. I have mentioned before that radish, daikon and broccoli have high concentrations of isothiocyanates compounds. According to research compiled by the Linus Pauling Institute, brussel sprouts, garden cress, mustard greens, turnips, and kale have high amounts of glucosinolate the source of isothiocyanates. They recommend eating at least 5 servings (about 2.5 cups cooked) weekly. There is quite a variety of vegetables in the cruciferous family so you should never get bored.

    I wish you all the best in your full recovery and good luck on the treatments.
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    And I know as you to help! Do not think, I not the madman. I as well as you was sick of a cancer of lungs. I was long treated in dear clinics, but nothing helped. I have despaired and going to die. But the my dear daughter has learned about the person who treats a cancer, medicinal grasses. It has contacted it and has asked than it can help in the circumstances. To us have answered, that a cancer we shall cure and it is just necessary to carry out instructions. I at once have thought, that my daughter deceive what to receive money. There is a treatment of 110 000 dollars. And I have not given money of my daughter and would tell that it did not contact which people at all did not see. But my daughter has disobeyed me and has taken the loan in bank and has paid the necessary sum. In a week we have by mail received a small package. In it there was some kg of the dried plants, crystals of salts and the detailed instruction on preparation of medicines. I was malicious on the daughter, but understood, that it does it of love to me. And I have started to accept a medicine. Also there was my surprise - I have felt better! I have recovered in a month. My lungs became similar to lungs of the baby, and I smoked 35 years. Doctors who have told, that I shall die, have been surprised by my healing. They have told are a miracle. But since then has passed 6 years. And this miracle has occured to many people to whom I have advised to write the letter and to ask the help for the unusual doctor. On my eyes have been cured 28 person with various forms of a cancer. All of them have paid the various sums of money. From 40 000 up to 150 000 dollars. To one little girl, all was free-of-charge.
    I as know, that many very known people used these medicines. Many people do not trust me, but I have gone through all, and I approve, that miracles happen. And I give a guarantee to people who doubt of my words, that they will recover. Now I alive and healthy! Both I am happy! And I wish your of good luck and health, and please do not despair, simply strictly carry out instructions. I guarantee to you, that with you all will be good.
    I wish you healing and I ask - address for the help to this email-

    Forgive my bad English.

    Yours faithfully Dok Manomah.
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    Hello. I just wanted to say there's always a chance of survival of Cancer. I had left lung removed in Dec 18, 1985 and in 1992 I had a wedge resection done on my only lung(right). I survived Breast Cancer in 1996, with the removal of right breast.I'm still doing quite well. I never had chemo or radiation.I believe my faith sustained me through it all plus a positive outlook. I sincerely believe that we can increase our longevity, even with Cancer. Positive thinking helps. During the course of Breast Cancer and after surgery I did take Shark Cartilage. The dr. said it would not hurt. I believe it helped me tremendously. I attribute a lot of my beating Cancer to this, along with following dr's orders,watching my diet, exercise, and just believing that if I can see it, I can believe it, and believing that all things are possible with God.Just believe that you will see your child finish high school and beyond.VISUALIZE IT. I wish you well. Keep the faith.