Renal Cell Carcanoma

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Sister's cancer returned with a vengeance after four years - dr put her on Sunitinib--anyone taking this that can share their experience? If she doesn't respond she only has a few months left. Any info would be greatly appreciated


  • GregLW.
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    I appreciate your fears as a KC survivor with Bladder Cancer the fear of mets is omni present. It is clear that with Chemo despite the obscene profits of Pharmaceutical Corporations has a very poor track record - I know of no other product that is so costly yet so poor in terms of efficacy. Such hope as your sister now has I would contend is beyond the understanding of medicine as declared!
    The only serious decisions open to your sister supported by her loved ones is whether life is about quality or quantity, from that decision will come the answers you are seeking - NO ONE but your sister has the moral right to make these decisions and we all have a duty to support her.
    I wish you every thing you would wish for yourselves and your sister =- there are NO easy answers nor would I try to tell you otherwise.
    My thoughts are with you,
    Greg L-W.