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It is hard to believe all our body and mind can do to the way we fell and how our physical beings exist. It is hard not to be scared of what the future may hold but like others have said there are no guarantees in life. There is so much we have no control over but I can venture to say each and every one of us knows our body a whole lot better than we did before.
It was always stated to me that I will have pains and aches since so much arthritus and nerve diseases to deal with. The best advice given was that if pains linger more than a month and you notice other things happening get in to see someone and have it checked. It took me years to finally find a life some what free of pain something I thought would never be possible. But I too had to accept that before cancer what I was doing wasn't working hence getting my stage 3 breast cancer at 36. I made a conscious choice at the start that I would be an active participant in my treatments and find ways to improve the quality to my life because I deseved it. I am here to say 9 years 8 months later that life is plain hard work and we all have to make a conscious choice to have a good look at our lives prior to cancer and willing to be open to the changes that are possible for each and everyone of us. It isn't easy finding new ways to cope in our lives and realize our own stake in it.
I have never been open to so much before in my life and it has allowed me an to explore opportunities possible, somethig I never had done. Living and finding passion in our lives can bring us places we have never been before, as well as gratitude deep in the soul of our beings.
Support from others is a wonderful thing, as is talking about it something you are doing.


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    How beautifully put. I raise my is ALWAYS half full these days!!!

    Hugs, Kathi