Stage III NSCLC cannot operate

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would love to hear from others with Stage III adenocarcinoma that cannot be operated on. I was just diagnosed on June 23, 2006. I have had combination chemo and radiation and have 40% shrinkage. I am now doing taxotere every 21 days. Is 40% good? Will the chemo keep on shrinking the tumors? Is taxotere ever given if you have smoked before? Thanks for any help and God bless you all.


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    Hi. ANY shrinkage of tumors is good! And 40% sounds amazing!

    My Mom was diagnosed at Stage IIIB in December 2005. She was also called inoperable/incurable. She's still here and kicking nearly a year later. She hasn't had taxotere, so I can't comment on that. She just finished her 2nd round of chemo with Alimta (her first round was with carboplatin and Taxol).

    I wish you the best of luck in your continued treatment.
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    Hi Gramsie,

    Of course, 40% is good! That means the chemo and radiation WORKED! That's beating the odds there already!!

    As long as the cancer cells haven't built up resistance, the chemo should continue to work. But it seems Taxotere is a switch from the initial protocol. So your oncologist is taking on a new attack. Sounds good.

    My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in mid-July of this year (with the oncologist's estimate the cancer cells were about 3 months old). She's been on Taxol and Carbo since August. She has noticeable improvements in her physical condition. The oncologist even remarked the breathing he heard from his stethoscope sounded good. (Before it wasn't good.) Her last CT scans showed shrinkages. He said that with just 2 months of chemo, we shouldn't expect full remission yet. So my mother is continuing with Taxol and Carbo - the first line of treatment.

    Keep a good outlook! Continued success in your road to recovery!!
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    I have Stage IV NSCLC. I have had 5 treatments of Carboplatin and Taxotere. The cancer shrunk 25% and stopped working. I am currently on a new one that starts with an A so we will see how it does. The Doctors have given me 1 year to live if this new Chemo does work. The cancer spread to both lungs and my neck. I also have a lymph node between my kidney and stomach. I was diagnosed the same day you were. 06/23/06. I am currently going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL