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There are new technical advances in the fight against cancer. One of those is the DIEP RECONSTRUCTION that is an advancement of the Free Flap.
I live in Puerto Rico but here it is not perform and doctors do no tell there patients about this wonderful alternative. As is in someway understandable. I receive this surgery 4 years ago in NY and I am very happy with it.
This information could be pass to the patients in PR through the American Cancer Society in Puerto Rico. Please do so.
4Years ago I call the American Cancer Society an ask about the surgery, they told me they didn't have any info. I send the information by fax and I call a month later to ask about the procedure and they still told me they didn't have any information. I am sure this is a new but already well known procedure in the USA with more doctors joining the force to do the surgery. If the information come from you I am sure will have more validity.

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    Hi Milagros:
    There are actually a few doctors here in the states that do it. There is a web site called www.diepsisters.com that list a bunch of doctors that are able to perform this operation. I was just diagnosed in June and had a right radical mastectomy and am looking into this type of surgery because I really did not want the implants. Tell me, are you happy with your choice and who was your surgeon in NY? I am going to see Dr. Alex Keller in Long Island next Thursday and would appreciate any input you can give me. Thank You, Liliana