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HI there,

I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers and thoughts today.
And, tomorrow I will pray for you at church.

Then the M-day, that you will do very well with, because having a good attitude alone can save us all. And, you do have it!!

I don't want you to worry, we all love you

(((((((((((Hugggggssss))))))))))), Kathy


  • Susan956
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    Adding my good wishes and and prayers to Kathy's. Let us know how you are doing.

  • susabella
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    Hi ladies! Here I am, home safe! Mastectomy was 11/6 and I'm already on just Tylenol for pain. I can only attribute it to all the prayers I've recieved. Thanks for thinking of me that scary day! I know all the good thoughts got me through. When I was laying on the gurney outside the OR, too frightened to pray for myself, I put my faith in everyone else who was doing it for me and knew God would hear!

    I may look like Freddie Kruger tried to get to second base right now (LOL)and don't have the pathology results yet, but somehow feel like everything will be okay. I do know the initial sentinel node was negative! Major hurdles overcome! I'm reading a fanastic book that I recommend to us all: "After Breast Cancer, a Common-Sense Guide to Life After Treatment" by Hester Hill Schipper. It's been very comforting. I'm tired, so I'll sign off for now, but Thank You so much for thinking of me!

    (Very Gentle Hugs!)

    Love, Sue