catheter removal

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I had Laparoscopic Prostate surgery on 10-17-06 and had a catheter inserted during surgery. I've never had a catheter before during by other surgeries and wondered if there is any pain associated with the removal of the catheter.


  • rogermoore
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    When I had mine removed, there was maybe just a "tinge" of pain associated with the procedure. It was out before I knew it. SUCH a relief!!!

    Nothing to worry about, believe me!

  • tpelle
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    daverm59: I concur with rogermoore. On the 23d day after surgery, the office nurse said to lie back on the table. Before I knew it the catheter was out and I don't remember feeling any pain. However, I did take a tranquilizer and a couple Tylenol immediately before the visit.
  • Photon
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    No problem with the catheter removal but take some pads just in case you have a continence problem. I did and didn't have any pads.
    Best wishes Photon
  • jvancik
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    Hi...I had the standard experience was pretty much the same as the others have said ... the removal was over before I knew it ... and I didn't have any pain at all ... and it was sure good to be free of it ... I was prepared with pads but as it turned out I did not need them ... I was pretty much continent from the get go ... good luck,,,
  • jd_smith58
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    My experience is about the same as everybody else, no pain, just relief. I had pads and needed them, I leaked a lot at first but was completely dry in 6 weeks. Good luck.