Esophogeal Cancer

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Has anyone had surgery at Sloan Kettering in NY to remove esophagus. Please help us decide if the quality of life is worth it. They are rushing us into it and my husband does not want to have it done. At this time I agree with him. He is stage 4 with lymph nodes and lung affected. PET scan after radiation & chemo in 2 weeks. 1st PET scan after chemo only showed the lung spot disappeared and lymph nodes went from 4cm to 3cm and espophagus went from 16 to 4. Hoping he's clean now. If he is why go through this?


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    I cared for a friend whom had her esophogus removed and her stomache stretched up to the top of her throat. She was able to eat some foods afterthat. Shewas 53yrs old. I believe had she tried, it was for the better. She just gave into it after chemo and surgery. Her eating was the most difficult as she was on gravity feeding tubes. I have to say, she was a county (medical) patient and they did not move fast on anything!I believe that was probably her worst enemy God luck toyou and God bless you.
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    How about sleping? Can you lay flat or do you have to sleep on a wedge?