got my dx

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got my dx today. the primary is in my lung with spread to my skin. I see lung specialist and hope to participate in a trial drug. Cant remember the name of it. I'm in shock, but at least I know whats going on.Thanks to all that posted and e-mailed positive and hopeful messages.Now I have to go forward with a positive attitude and believe that I'm gonna be okay. Do you guys just forget your cancer or is it always with you?


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    Glad to see you know whats going on now. Keep the + attitude it will take you a long ways. From time to time the cancer pops into mind, actually I don't think it ever really leaves, just resurfaces now and again. I don't worry about it. Drop a note if you ever need to. Good luck, be safe.
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    I am glad that you have your diagnosis "figured out" so you know what to battle. I believe detection is key to success.

    As far as forgetting about cancer, with time, the further you get from diagnosis, the easier it becomes. I was stage 4, and although there are times it seems like only yesterday, I'm proud to say I celebrated my 5 yr anniversary this month.


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    I was diagnosed with metastatic teratoma in 1980 and completed my two-year protocol of treatment in 1982. Although one of my tumor markers tests on the high side, no physical presence of tumor reoccurence has ever been detected. Today, I received skull X-rays and blood tests for alkaloids because my physician thinks I may have Paget's Disease of the skull. My parents and only sibling are dead, I am divorced, and live alone. Fear of cancer, stroke, or some disease is always with me. It's Hell gettin' old!

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    I'm glad you have your dx; somehow it seems easier to handle when we know all the facts. Now that the initial shock is just about over, you can prepare for the fight and will discover that you are actually stronger than you thought you were. Treatment is sometimes hard but do not give up hope, you are going to be okay. Take it one day at a time.

    I was dx with a rare cancer in 1987 for which there is no cure. Luckily is grows slowly. Most of the time it is out of my mind and I have a normal life until I have to go for a follow-up. I do okay with the MRIs and scans but I get very nervous until I get the results from my onc. This year has been good for me, my tumors are dormant (nobody knows why it happens to me), no new ones, no pain, so cancer is out of my mind for the time being.

    A friend of mine used to tell me "Chin up, forward march" and now I'm passing it to you.

    Hugs and prayers,