Had my first A/C treatment yesterday

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Boy, was I in for a surprise. I thought that my appt. with the onc. yesterday was to go over my tests and then we would schedule my appt. Well, I actually had my first treatment yesterday! My husband was a coulple hours away at a confernce. Of course he dropped everything to get to me. (Which he did). I first got Ativan, Decadron and Aloxi, all for the nausea. Then they brought in the "Red Devil", Adrymicin. After that came the cytoxan. Was okay until last evening when I proceeded to get serious nausea. I then took 2 phenergans and on Zofran. That seemed to help. I am okay this morning, alittle nausea and a headache.


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    Sneaky doctor!!!! BUT....keep up with your water. PLEASE!!!! You broke the ice with using the endearing term we all have for Adriamycin....PLEASE don't panic when you see your pee turning a pretty shade of pink!!!! My day-after-infusion I used to call my 'hampster in a wheel' day....I was SOOOO full of energy....then the next day, past noon....well, I forgot the rest of that day, and the next one. But, I wonder how much this had to do with stopping chemo for the rectal cancer just 6 months earlier...
    Remember, my dearheart, this, too shall pass!!! One down!!!!! YEA!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Well you are off on to the road to recovery.... I hope by Monday you will feel much better. I normally felt worst on 2 -4 days after I had A/C and then on my off week, I normally felt pretty good. Try to think of it as 1 down and 3 to go. Hopefully you will not have a hard time. By the way Kathi is right... drink ... drink... drink.... It does seem to flush the poisons from your body.

    Take Care... God Bless....

    Let us know how you are...