post radiation treatment for tiredness

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Hi, I am done with radiation by one week, and have yet to convince my radiologist how tired and lifeless I am. Have any of you gotten any meds that have helped you? I was on Provigil but it messed up my ulcer so I had to quit, now I am trying to work, but even though I only did radiation and not chemo, I am SURE there HAS to be something out there to help me fight this tiredness! Can you help? Thankyou.


  • Susan956
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    What type of a job do you have. If it is one where you sit alot, try getting some regular exercise. I know that sounds counter but... I found that when I made myself go for a 1 mile walk I did much better. Also, try to make sure you are eating right.. and laugh whenever you get a chance... The body and mind take a heavy hit with this anything that you can do to fuel it right..and get it moving helps.

    Also are you managing to sleep. My Onc has given me sleeping pills. They are a necessity for me since I take Arimidex and without the sleeping pills I won't sleep for days on end... If you don't sleep well that will keep you exhausted. Don't know if this helps... but...

    Take Care... God Bless....
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    Time will be part of it, I'm afraid. And if you try to push, it will take longer. Eat fresh....vegies, fruits...drink LOTS of water....sleep when your body wants to....I used to sneak out to my car for a nap....had a co-worker call me on my cell 15/20 minutes later....

    Hugs, Kathi