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Hello everyone,

I am so pleased to have found this website. My mom has been diagnosed with metastatic nsclc just over a month ago. She hasn't started treatment yet because she had to undergo a whole bunch of tests to a.) make sure it actually is lung cancer ---(she has no history of 1st/2nd hand smoke) and b.) to have a recent CT scan to serve as her basis before she undergoes treatment. She should be starting treatment within the next week. She will be part of a clinical study conducted by the BC Cancer agency where she will use a pill called Erlitinib (Tarceva). My family is very religious and we have a lot of faith and hope in God that He can cure her and He will see us out of this. I am an only child and it breaks my heart to see my mom having to go through all of this. I need to hear from you, I need to hear constant encouragement to keep my hopes up. So far my family has been doing well, despite this difficulty. Please, tell me that we have not lost hope. The doctor informed us that the cancer (which has spread to her lymph nodes and to some bones) is inoperable/incurable. Despite this, I do believe that there is a way out, and that God will answer our prayer. I want to know that not only will my mom beat this horrible disease, but she will also live long, healthy life ahead. I am only 19 and I want my mom to see me grow into adulthood; for her to see my future children.... please, I would love to hear from you.


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    My dad has the same cancer like your mother's. I cried a lot the first week after his diagnoses. I feel so angry, guilty and helpless. Although a lot of people around me give up hope, I do not. I got so many warm encouragments from this site. I do not belive miracle, but I believe me and my dad can beat the cancer.
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    Hi itrustgod,

    I'm not religious but I have faith in medicine. You can also take heart that there are many lung cancer survivors even in late stages. So, don't give up any hope. Cancer isn't as much as a death sentence as say 10 years ago. There are great advances in cancer treatments, including Tarceva that attacks the way cancer cells grow. It may even be better to combine it with chemo if your mom can tolerate the side effects. Think of it as a 3-pronged attack that kills cancer cells from all sides.

    I've suggested it before, if your mom undergoes a biopsy to confirm for certain of the cancer, she should have the cells tested for the EGFR mutation. Again, not having the mutation doesn't mean Tarceva won't work. But it may give you a little reassurance should she have it.

    Take care of your mom and give her all the love and support you can. You sound like you're already doing that. Good luck to your mom on her treatments!!