Tarceva rash

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I have received some helpful suggestions regarding the rash from Tarceva, any others out there?
Thank you


  • kaitek
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    How about the tried and true remedies for poison Oak? Calamine (sp?) lotion?

    When I would get mosquito bites, I found applying straight vinegar seemed to numb the itch. But itch and rash aren't exactly the same?

    Either way, vinegar and calamine lotion are safe products. It doesn't hurt to experiment with harmless products because you just might come across a happy accident.
  • Plymouthean
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    I used Aquafor skin lotion/gel (over the counter)for radiation side effects on my skin. It relieved dryness. I had no discomfort from itching, etc. I think, though, that the doctor should be able to prescribe something to specifically target and offer relief from the Tarceva rash.