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Hi, I am not a survivor but a caretaker for my friend with rectal cancer, stage IV. I've been dabbling in nutrition research for years and have been picking brains of some of the top guys (and gals) in the field. One person I'm most impressed with is Dr. John McDougall, an internist for 30 years in Hawaii who became frustrated with the lousy results he had in treating his patients the usual way - drugs. He eventually became a preventative doctor and now is in Santa Rosa helping many get off drugs (insulin for type II, high blood pressure meds, statins, etc.) at his hospital. He has some radical views on treating prostate cancer that I wanted to share with everyone here.

First, here are some links to a few of his articles on his site pertaining to prostate cancer:

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I begged my brother in law to contact Dr. McDougall before taking the advice of his doctors after they found he had a high PSA (biopsies, treatments, etc.). He emailed him, got a response within a day, dramatically applied his advice to his life and has never been treated. McDougall's plan is basically free, does not require any drugs and is something you can do yourself. In a nutshell, a low fat, plant based diet. Before you become skeptical of that idea, Dr. Dean Ornish is now telling all men to follow a vegan diet. This is common, researched knowledge but something most doctors are out of touch with. Most just won't belive that diet will do anything when it comes to cancer.

What I've learned - the majority of men over the age of 60 have detectable cancerous cells in their prostate. This is a slow growing cancer. The doctors will recommend treatment when these cells are found. By changing ones diet and avoiding all the foods that aggravate the prostate (all animal foods, all dairy, all oils), treatment could very well be avoided. I've met McDougall's father in law who he diagnosed with prostate cancer over 30 years ago. He told the man to change his diet and do nothing. 30 years later, he still has detectable cancer cells but the cancer has never spread and he's now a healthy 95 year old.

For those already on treatment, changing your diet can be very beneficial as well so this is not just news to prevent it. Please visit McDougall's site. He is the most compassionate medical doctor I've ever come across. He answers ALL email - I should tell you first to real all the Newsletters before writing him. He most likely will refer to them in his answer. I hope this information is helpful.