esophijectamy(misspelled I know)

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has anyone heard of new procedure using a piece of colon to lengthen makeshift esophogus to prevent lining erosion?


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  • pokie
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    Hi, we saw the surgeon last wek and asked this question. He said he knew of people that did it, but he doesn't do it because he doesn't feel it is safe.
  • PCU-Charlie
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    Using the colon to creat an esophagus is not really new it's been done for a couple of years but the major complication is having that tissue die and then the "esophagus" is no longer intact. I am a Stage IVa surviver since May 2006, had chemo radiation and then the esophagectomy done September 19th. I plan to go back to work next month, my weight has stabilized, my appetite is there and I can eat just about anything I want, but unfortunately not in the quantity I want so I have to learn to eat all over again. Old habits die hard.

    Hope this helped some.

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