stage 2b adenocarcinoma prognosis

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hello all

my dad went was noraml with no symptoms at all,during a routine medical checkup and found mass in rt upper lobe, x rays , ct scans, bronscopy results not confirm any diagnosis hence he went for direct surgical removal of mass by lobectomy, and bopsy he was diagnosied of stage 2A NSSLC adenocarcinoma 3 weeks he is recovering slowly from surgery and mri scan was taken for teh full body and it seems to be clear, the doctors suggest we have to take chemotherapy further....................

can anyone of u advice me wat should be done next
does adenocarcinoma stage 2 A respond well to chemotherapy and when to start ?

what are the best drugs with less side effects of the treatment?

in total anyone can give your views on the possible prognosis of my dad case, how good wil he respond to treatment and how will be life here after the hopes of surviving a peacful painless life?

please give ur experiences


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    I am not a doctor so I can't recommend any treatment. I can tell you what I had. I was stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Had a upper lobectomy, chemo(taxol and carboplatin) and then radiation. I have been cancer free for 8 years now!!! Always get a second opinion. Good luck.
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    Hi. Your dad's case sounds like mine, in that I was diagnosed after a routine exam. Prior to that I had no symptoms. My diagnosis was NSCLC,3a. I had aggressive chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor in the upper lobe of the right lung. After treatments reduced the tumor, surgery removed the rest, along with the upper lobe. Post surgery, I had twelve weekly, low-dose Carboplatin/Taxol chemo treatments. I also has ten daily radiation treatments. I had absolutely no side effects from these post-op treatments. I strongly believe in post-op treatment as insurance against recurrence.
    Surgery and recovery were not easy. Breathing exercises and physical exercise (walking) are the most important things to do for recovery. Recovery from surgery started out slowly, but I recovered fully, and I have just passed five years out from surgery (10/2). I am still cancer free.
    I was 67 years old at the time of diagnosis. I have recovered fully, and I lead a normal life.
    I think that your dad can look forward to a good recovery and the resumption of a normal life. The key is to work hard at recovery.
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    thanks a lots for ur replies this gives me more confidence, i will refer best oncologist and take the best steps to provide the best care to dad and help him fight it with hope as u all have said thanks a lot keep posting, this site is wonderful thans and good luck to all here
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    I had stag IV lung cancer the only treatment that they could give me was chemo. I am now cancer free. Like plymouthean I did not have any bad effects from the chemo. I can not advise on what type of chemo is best, that is up to your doctors and your dad. I do recommend a second opinion if you have any doubt in the treatment. My story is posted here just put ernrol in the search widow at the top then click on ernrol at the right. If I can answer any questions let me know. It sounds like your dad has a good chance of recovery

    Stay positive,

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    It sounds to me like your dad has an excellent chance of recovering and living a normal life. I had stage 3A lung cancer. I had chemo and radiation before surgery. I then had surgery followed by more chemo and today I am cancer free. I had my surgery in July 2005.
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    I agree with the other replies. I am a a stage 1a survivor. I would strongly recommend the followup chemotherapy treatment to deal with any microscopic cancer cells that may have been missed following surgery. The prognosis is very good at this point. Good luck. Be aggressive.