my cancer return

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3 &1/2 years ago I was diagnose with lung cancer, after the surgery it was Stage IB, no follow treatment. Even it was always in my mind I had my first grandchild who live with us & I had being taking care since he born so my life was happy. Two weeks ago an a rutin exam my oncolgist told me that it was back, I still not sleeping at night. I wasen't expectit. After the PET scan the rsults are Malignant range activity withing the mediastinun and along the left pleural.
On Friday I will go to Duke for a second opinion, we live in Greensboro. On Tuesday I will have a bronchoscopy & then I think I will start with radiation & quimo.
Please I need some advice & know if some of you had a recurrence cancer and live a normal life.
Thanks, bucky


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    Hi bucky2,

    That is the constant fear about cancer: it's recurrence. There's another thread within the last 2 pages that speaks some about recurrence. Cabbott has an informative and thoughtful commentary about it. Check it out.

    I'm sorry I can't provide better insights.

    If you need more support, I'd highly recommend the site. You will get much replies there. I feel bad that inquiries don't get as much responses as they could here.

    Be optimistic and have faith in your treatment. Good luck!
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    Duke is a wonderful hospital, One of the best in the nation. It is not unusual for a cancer to return and require further treatment. Do not be discouraged. Approach this as you would any other recurring illness. Get a good diagnosis and aggressive treatment. Stay on top of it and be positive. I was supposed to die years ago of heart disease and lung cancer but so far have been able to deal with both problems.
    PS my cardiologist is at Duke and oncologist and thoracic surgeon are at MD Anderson in Houston.
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    That is always my big fear, to have my cancer return. In February I had my left upper lung lobe removed for stage 1 NSC, no chemo or radiation required. This is all new to me. I live in fear of the cancer returning and will be praying for you. I've read a lot of good survivor stories on this site and they are so encouraging. Keep the faith and don't give up.