too old for robotic surgery?

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I am a young 76. Trim,fit and a swimmer.Although I had bi-pass surgery six years ago, I passed a stress test with flying colors three weeks ago.(I never had an attack, I got it before it got me). Dr. Teswari is willing to operate but every doctor from Sloan to my local radiologists and urologists advise very strongly against it. They want me to do IMRT radiation plus hormones. Any advice out there?


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    My robotic surgery was performed 5 months ago at the age of 77 at NY Presbyterian by Dr. David Samadi who is the Director and Professor at this institution.He has performed over 1,000 robotic procedures and is not a rookie.My current problem
    is incontinence.I prefered surgery because I doubted that seeds or radiation would be sufficient or do the job completely.My PSA was 2.4, a very low number for cancer. My Gleason scores were not compatible with the PSA.I am now in therapy for the leaking for lack of a better description,I will call it bio-feedback. I would take Dr. Teswari's advice if all your other tests
    are negative. Good luck whatever you do with your
    experience. Redsnapper.
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    I am 45 and just had Dr Tewari perform a robotic prostatectomy on me 3 weeks ago today.
    My recovery has been nothing short of FANTASTIC.
    Not one day of incontinence issues and am hopeful to have erectile performance back within 4-6 months.
    My suggestion to you- if Tewari is willing to do it-let him. He is the very best in the business at this and I am 110% sure you will be fine once he has performed the surgery.

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    Nomeus: I have been watching these posts for over four years. It seems to me that most of the guys who elect to have prostate surgery while in the 30 to 60 age group regain continence immediately or within months. Most of those who were in the 70+ age group suffer from at least some degree of incontinence. At the time of my surgery four years ago I was age 70, in good health, trim and fit. Even after doing months of Kegels following surgery and with the use of Imipramine, I still leak any time I am standing, using 2 to 3 Depends pads per day. I wonder if I am just now catching on to this, or if if am incorrect in my speculation as to age groups.

    My brother had external radiation for his prostate cancer while he was in his mid 70's, then later hormone injections. Recently he had radiation and chemo for related cancers. He has remained very active until recently and never suffered from incontinence. Best of luck with whatever decision you make!