Possible recurrence :(

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Hi Everyone! Hope this email finds all readers in the best of health. Thanks to all those who responded to my Porthacath issues earlier this summer. My reason for writing tonight is that I went for my annual sonogram and the results came back "Other, please see surgeon for consult". My heart dropped. I'm 18 months out from diagnosis and was happy as a lark. Now this!!! I'm so scared. I get the results from my surgeon on Thursday. Has anyone had recurrence in the nodes? The sonogram tech didn't start asking questions until she started scanning the underarm. That's when I got worried. I drove home in such a haze, I'm surprised I made it in one piece. Can anyone tell me if they've had recurrence in the node area? Thank you for support and prayers


  • Susan956
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    Sorry for your bad news. Sometimes I want to hit people in the head when they give such a note as Other ... See Surgeon... and especially on a Friday....

    I have never had a recurrence so I can't be of any help there.... But wanted to pass on Hugs.... and my prayers.

    Take Care.... God Bless...

  • KathiM
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    I'm too early out...just 3 months since treatment ended....but I agree....you just want to SHAKE some people, well meaning or not!!!!!!!

    I have had techs tell me things that turn out to be nothing, they HAVE to study stuff VERY closely...especially for us that have already danced with the beast!
    That said, I had a second cancer (my breast) follow my first cancer's end of treatment (rectal) by 3 months....if it should be the beast again....just do what I did....come out fighting!!!!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    i didn't have reoccurence but just 6 mos after treatments i had to do the sonogram - consult w/surgeon thing as well. i had a needle puncture biopsy done and had to wait 2 weeks for results. i don't even know how i got thru that time, but it turned out to be benign. it was awful to go thru, but i am glad that the radiologist that read my xrays and sonogram results was as cautious as he was. especially with my history (bc twice - once on each side). hopefully yours will turn out to be nothing as well. hugs and prayers to you. :-) kat.