Endometrial Cancer

I have recently been diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer, Stage 2b (involving both the endometrium and the cervix.) I have had a radical hysterectomy. My nodes were clear, but my margins too skinny, so I am now in the second week of radiation. Today I found out I have a very agressive type of cancer, papillary serous adenocardinoma, a type that can spread to the upper abdomen. I will begin chemotherapy soon for this new problem. Are there others with this type of cancer? Any words of advice?


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  • xtinaw
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    I had adenocarcenoma of the cervix, primarily staged at 1B2. However, when they did the rad. hyst. and tested the lymph nodes, they found it had spread to the lymph system. I was scared to death. However, I just took one day at a time, through radiation and chemo and now 4 1/2 years later I'm alive and well! If you have any particular questions that I may be able to help you with, let me know. Christina
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